Kingdom Outreach


How we in the Body of Christ can be a catalyst for Healing


Last week in Kingdom Voice Morning Prayer with Lisa Kirk !

Prayer focus:  healing of our land, our bodies, our souls, and unity with

God and with one another.

Coach Lisa's challenge to us in the Body to SHOW UP and DO THE WORK

of healing. Here are some ways for us to represent in the work of justice.

⚬ Show up for jury duty.
⚬ Show up and vote in local elections.
⚬ Commit to getting nine (9) people to register to vote and ensure they

   show up at the polls for elections.
⚬ Write down nine (9) issues about your community that need to be changed.

   Pray for solutions and then set up meetings to share with the mayor and the

   Chief of Police in your city.
⚬ Connect with nine (9) people who are not of your race. Diversity in the

   Body of Christ is unity.






Com Relations Forum.jpg

Lakeland Community Events

The Lakeland City Commission will host a community forum on race relations on Monday, June 29th at the RP  Funding Center Youkey Theater from    6 p.m. – 8 p.m. 

The forum will be set-up to allow the community to share their views on issues of race and equality.

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